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What is it ALL ABOUT?

Well.. Tom and Agnes who run Ryedale Cleaners, when they got into Window Cleaning more and more in 2016, they found out that lots and lots of people feel very obliged to their current window cleaner, to their current arrangements. Even if they feel not happy, they would still stick to it and not change anything.. We spotted it straight away and decided we had to act together and change it.

Our mission is to help you, as a customer - to save your time and also save you some money in a long run. Although we are not a comparison site and you will not be able to compare deals, by saving your money we mean getting you a better deal. A deal you will be happy with.

What you need to do it to answer few questions below. If you answer NO to any of these, this service is for YOU.

  • Are you HAPPY with your current window cleaner? (Very simple question needs very simple answer. Not good job, poor quality or simply you just don't like somebody - not like you have to, but it helps, you don't want dodgy guys around your home and children)
  • Are you receiving a proper quality service? In short, is the job good? Can you compare it? Are your frames and sills done at every clean?
  • Do you know when they next due come? (It might not matter to you but it does for some)
  • Do you have trouble with payments? (in terms of - need to get cash ready, send cheques, never remember how much)
  • Do you like coming back home and finding this little slip of paper (your windows's been cleaned today....) in a pile of post, in between your letters?
  • Does your window cleaner come from far? (You might want to support your local Guys - yes, that's fine and makes sense)

If you are happy, and you feel loyal - that's great. We are happy for you too! We would't like if someone changed us for someone else without a reason really.

This is why we believe in this so much, if you're happy that's awesome. If you are not, great - let us help.

Let's switch!